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Villa Bellezza's Holiday Gift Guide

Our guests often tell us that they wish they could share Villa Bellezza with family and friends. This holiday season you can do just that by giving an experience and great memories! From wine experiences to bottles of wine and wearables, we’re hoping these gift ideas from Villa Bellezza will help to make this year’s gift giving easy!
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'Grill Like An Italian' Demonstration Cooking Class with Chef Antonio Cecconi

This time of year is all about grilling and enjoying the fresh herbs and produce from the garden and farmers markets. Chef Antonio will show you how to use your backyard grill to transform the season's bounty into an authentic Italian meal!
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The Villa Bellezza Tasting Room is Open Again!

Guests can once again taste Villa Bellezza wines in our large tasting room in Pepin, Wisconsin.
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An Important Announcement from our Owners

An important announcement from our owners regarding operational changes we've made to address the COVID 19 outbreak.
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The Romance of Villa Bellezza

Valentine's Day was especially romantic this year for four special couples who took advantage of our private dinners for two in our Torre dei Sognatori, Tower of Dreamers. Here's a peak at what awaited them inside!
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Mardi Gras Came to Villa Bellezza

The excitement of New Orleans came to Villa Bellezza last month! We joined in the celebrations of Carnevele taking place in countries across the world during the month of February and hosted our own New Orleans-style Mardi Gras Party!
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A Bottle Full of Surprises: Frontenac Reserve 2016

Our most recent award winning wine, Frontenac Reserve 2016, continues to surprise our winemakers, reminding them that wine changes in the bottle. And for this wine, that's a good thing!
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We’re Joining the Big Leagues at Target Field This Weekend!

This weekend we’ll be celebrating a very special wine at Minneapolis' Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins! Our most recent Gold Medal winner, Frontenac Reserve 2016, will be in the spotlight at the Minnesota Monthly Food & Wine Experience, the premier food and wine event of the region, as well as the Villa Bellezza Tasting Room here in Pepin.
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Valentine's Day: A Week of Love at Villa Bellezza

The romance of Villa Bellezza is the perfect backdrop for your Valentine's celebrations! Come celebrate with the people you love--Sweethearts and families will find something they can enjoy together during our holiday celebrations!
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Celebrating Carnevale at Villa Bellezza!

In the United States it's Mardi Gras. In Rio it’s Carnival. And in Italy, it's Carnevale! The winter tradition takes on a variety of forms throughout the world. In the spirit of the tradition, Villa Bellezza will be hosting our own celebrations during the month of February!
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A New Release! Ice Wine

New from the winery, the release of our 2017 Ice Wine! There are only a few wine regions that have the climate to produce this specialty product. Our winemaker, Katie Kujak, shares more about what goes into producing ice wine and why quantities are so limited.
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Buon Viaggio, Patrick!

Winery team member, Patrick Flattery, is setting off on a new adventure in the McLaren Vale wine region of South Australia . Please join us as we wish him buon viaggio!
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Warm Your Heart with these Winter Weddings

When the vines are sleeping, there is winter magic at Villa Bellezza Winery--The snow and chill in the air make an embrace that much warmer. You'll see what we mean with this collection of Villa Bellezza winter wedding photos!
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A New Year for the Villa Bellezza Cooking School

What a great year of travel--We ate our way across Italy by way of our new Education Center and Chef Antonio’s cooking classes! Guests learned to make pasta, sauces, pizzas and other traditional Italian dishes—and lest we forget, we enjoyed wine (lots of wine!).
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Villa Bellezza's Holiday Wine Collection

Just in time for the holidays, a collection of favorite Villa Bellezza wines. Selected by our winemakers, this combination of best-sellers makes the perfect gift for a special someone... or yourself!
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2019: A Year of Award Winners!

For our winemakers at Villa Bellezza, it was a year of award winning wines. Villa Bellezza assistant winemaker, Katie Kujak, reflects on the success of the past year as our winery team begins to set goals for the new year.
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Fruits of Our Labor: Pepin Nouveau

In the final segment of our 'Fruits of our Labor' series, Villa Bellezza assistant winemaker, Katie Kujak, reflects on the good and the bad that came with this year's harvest. From bugs and birds to weather obstacles, she reveals the trials and triumphs of the season.
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Chef Antonio Explains: Why I Bake the Pasta

When it comes to some pasta dishes at Villa Bellezza, there's a subtle difference you may not have considered.  Our wood-fired, BAKED pasta dishes, served golden brown and piping hot, are a favorite among our il Forno guests. Why does Chef Antonio prefer to bake the pasta? That's a very good question!
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The Fruits of our Labor: Cotes Du Pepin White

Our winery team has been working overtime during the busy harvest season. That didn't stop our assistant winemaker, Katie Kujak, from taking a break one late evening to continue her "Fruits of our Labor" series. This month she reveals Villa Bellezza's secret to making great wine, and how our winning formula led to the creation of one of our most popular award-winners!
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Fruits of our Labor

Harvest can be a stressful time of year full of logistical and physical challenges during long days that turn into nights. This short period of intense work drives those dedicated to wine making to keep pushing to make the very best product we can. Over the next three months our assistant winemaker, Katie Kujak, will reflect on some of the more challenging wines that we have produced at Villa Bellezza, and the success that has been accompanied by each.
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The Harvest Season Will Soon Be Here!

La Vendemmia (The Harvest) will soon be underway at Villa Bellezza! Within the next few weeks, which is later than our typical season, our winemakers will begin to test the grapes daily and carefully time picking schedules to catch the fruit at their peak of ripeness. Here's a glimpse at what's in store for our team during the busy harvest and crush.
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Become a Pizza Master Cooking Class

Everyone loves our wood-fired pizzas made with house-made dough and topped with fresh ingredients. Here’s your opportunity to recreate the experience by learning to make them at home! Chef Antonio will reveal his simple secrets that will make you a pro pizza maker.
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The Midsummer Mediterranean Dinner

In Italy, traditional open-air markets are popular and on certain days vendors will set up stalls or park their refrigerated trucks in a piazza attracting shoppers with their fresh and seasonal offerings. Here we have the farmers market, a similar tradition. In this cooking class you'll learn to make the most of the season's bounty, Italian-style.
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The Confession, The Comeback

True confession time--Life hasn't been easy in the vineyard this season. The frigid temperatures this past winter were detrimental to our vines. Villa Bellezza owner, Derick Dahlen, and assistant wine maker, Katie Kujak, bear all and share the challenges we're facing at Villa Bellezza, and the hope we see for the future of our vineyards.
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The Rosés of Villa Bellezza

Over the past few years we’ve notice a trend in our Tasting Room—our guests’ growing interest in rosé wines. We asked our assistant winemaker, Katie Kujak, to share her insights about the rosés of Villa Bellezza.
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Wine Pairings for the BBQ

This time of year is all about grilling--and pairing great wines with your favorite grilled foods will make your next barbeque even better.
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Learn to Cook with Italian Herbs

One of the secrets to great Italian cuisine is fresh ingredients! As gardens and farmers markets will soon be bursting with the season's bounty Chef Antonio is seizing upon the opportunity for this interactive cooking class.
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Summer Sangria

Nothing says summertime like sangria! The pairing of fruit and wine is a fun and festive thirst-quencher for summer parties, BBQs and other get-togethers. This summer we'll be serving two special sangrias on the Villa Bellezza Piazza and also offering you the opportunity to recreate the experience at home.
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Winemaker Abroad: Our Kiwi Returns

Our assistant winemaker, Katie Kujak, has returned from her travels to the southern hemisphere. She had quite the adventure working at the Waimea Estates Winery during the harvest and crush and learning about the wines and culture of New Zealand.
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Three Villa Bellezza White Wines for Summer

After a cool, wet spring, the hot days of summer will surely be welcomed. Whether you are soaking up the sun on our Piazza, sailing around Lake Pepin, or enjoying a sultry evening at home, consider these Villa Bellezza whites to keep you cool.
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Villa Bellezza's Pearl of the Woods

Chef Antonio may be all about the funghi this spring, but did you know that at Villa Bellezza we have our own 'Pearl of the Woods'? Villa Bellezza owner and winemaker, Derick Dahlen, shares the story of our award-winning Perla del Bosco, the secret that makes it so special, and the inspiration for this wine's name.
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A Culinary Visit to Italy’s Italian Lakes Region

Chef Antonio’s cooking classes at our new Education Center in Sala del Vino have been a popular addition to Villa Bellezza! So far students have learned to make ‘Pastas & Sauces’ from scratch, as well as how to ‘Eat Like an Italian’. For Chef Antonio’s next class you’ll make a culinary visit to one of his favorite regions in Italy, the Italian Lakes.
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Chef Antonio on Funghi: Springtime is Morel Time

Chef Antonio is counting down the days until Morel season. Wild mushrooms hold a special place in his heart-- and in his cooking—and he is looking forward to incorporating them into some special dishes at il Forno. If you’re also a fan of mushrooms, you’ll enjoy reading Chef Antonio’s thoughts on funghi and one of his favorite recipes using this prized seasonal ingredient.
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Learn How to 'Eat Like an Italian'

During 'Eat Like an Italian,’ you’ll learn about the traditional way of enjoying a meal—by savoring it in courses. Under Chef Antonio’s direction, you’ll prepare the four traditional courses, from the antipasto to the dolce, savoring the wine and experience along the way.
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Join Us and Eat Your Way Across Italy!

We invite you to take a culinary tour of Italy at Villa Bellezza’s new Education Center. Through a series of cooking classes you’ll discover the food and wine of the region with Villa Bellezza Chef, Antonio Cecconi, as your guide and instructor.
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Our Assistant Winemaker Heads to New Zealand

Once again our Assistant Winemaker is packing her bags. Last spring Katie spent 3 months in Chile participating in the harvest and winemaking at the Santa Caroline Winery. This spring Katie will experience the harvest in Nelson, New Zealand, working the harvest at the Waimea Estates Winery.
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Marquette Reserve ’15 to be Released Target Field, Minneapolis!

We’re celebrating a very special wine with a very special release at Minneapolis' Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins! Our Marquette Reserve 2015 will be debuting at the Minnesota Monthly Food & Wine Experience, the premier food and wine event of the region, as well as the Villa Bellezza Tasting Room here in Pepin, on Saturday, March 2, 2019!
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Valentine's Day Pairs Well with the Romance of Villa Bellezza

The romance of Villa Bellezza is the perfect backdrop for your Valentine's Day celebrations! From wine-tastings and authentic country Italian dinner specials to our Sunday brunch--the love of wine and food is in the air. Come celebrate with the people you love!
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How Do You Get a Great Wine?

When you think about the great wine regions of the world, our area may not come immediately to mind. However, right here in Pepin, WI, we're crafting wines that compete--and win--on the world stage!
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2018 Outdoor Christmas Market Enjoyed by All

Our first Outdoor Christmas Market attracted nearly 7,000 visitors to our Piazza over five Sundays this past Christmas season. Here are a few of the highlights to tide you over until we do it again for Christmas 2019.
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Toasting the New Year with Brillante Rosa!

Toast the holiday and ring in the New Year in a special way with a locally crafted bubbly! Just in time for the holiday season we bring you a new sparkling wine... Brillante Rosa!
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Villa Bellezza's Sunday Outdoor Christmas Market

Experience the tradition of a European outdoor Christmas market close to home! Our piazza has been transformed into a beautiful and lighted market, welcoming guests to shop local artisans and retailers for the holiday season.
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Introducing a Special Holiday Wine Collection

Our winemakers have selected this special combination of best-sellers and award winners for the 2018 holiday season. This collection makes the perfect gift for a special someone... or yourself!
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Cotes Du Pepin White Earns Double Gold!

Another Villa Bellezza wine has earned the highest ranking in its category at one of the largest and most influential international wine competitions in America! Cotes Du Pepin White 2017 earned a Double Gold Medal (98 Points) and was named Best Hybrid White Blend, joining the ranks of some of the best wines of the world.
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Our Favorite Celebration of the Year! The Pepin Nouveau Release Party

It's one of our favorite celebrations of the year! Customers, friends, family, and growers joined us in the Villa Bellezza Tasting Room to celebrate the first wine of the 2018 harvest! Guests cheered during the ceremonial uncorking and our winemakers  proclaimed this year's Pepin Nouveau to be our best yet. Relive the festivities with us!
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Harvest Season at Villa Bellezza

At Villa Bellezza this past month it has been all about the harvest!  Grapes are brought in from vineyards to be tested daily.  Picking schedules are timed carefully.  Picking grapes at their peak of ripeness improves quality.  The better the fruit -- the better the wine!
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The Foods of La Vendemmia (The Harvest)

This time of year it's the foods on a stick that tend to get the most attention. In the wine regions of the world, street foods and celebrations revolve around the grape harvest! For La Vendemmia at Villa Bellezza, we'll be celebrating all throughout the harvest months and Chef Antonio will be sharing his versions of popular Italian street and harvest foods prepared his way.
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Picking Parties: Join us for an Immersive Harvest Experience

Join us in the vineyard for a picking party! During this unique immersive harvest experience, you'll be picking grapes and learning about the harvest process and enjoying a private picnic lunch and wine!
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Celebrating La Vendemmia (The Harvest)

The harvest is underway at Villa Bellezza and Labor Day weekend kicks off a three-month harvest celebration that culminates with the release of our first wine crafted from this season’s grapes, Pepin Nouveau! Join us Labor Day Weekend as we kick off our celebration!
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The Villa Bellezza Vineyard

La Vendemmia (the harvest) is now underway! We wanted to take the opportunity to introduce you to our Villa Bellezza Vineyard. If you've visted Villa Bellezza, then you know this vineyard well.
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Villa Bellezza: The Perfect Destination for an Italian-inspired Getaway

We had some special visitors earlier this month when the downtown St. Paul Skyway YMCA's ForeverWell group  headed down the Wisconsin Great River Road for an Italian-inspired getaway at Villa Bellezza!
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Where it All Began--Casa Della Pantera Vineyard

As the harvest season approaches, our vineyards are top of mind. Today, Villa Bellezza maintains four vineyards and in the coming months we would like to take the opportunity share about each. In this issue we bring you our first vineyard, predating the winery, Tasting Room, event space, and restaurant our guests are familiar with today.
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Villa Bellezza and other Area Sites Featured on New Art Wall

Visitors to our Tasting Room often comment on the 6 large canvases on display that feature scenes from the Villa Bellezza grounds. This series of pieces was done for us by Twin Cities architect turned artist, Fred "Federico" Richter. His works are now part of a new Art Wall in our Tasting Room. You might also be surprised to learn you already have a piece of Fred's art in your possession!
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Summer: A Time to Enjoy Chilled Red Wine

During the warm days of summer it’s natural to turn to crisp, fresh whites or lively rose wines. In the Villa Bellezza Tasting Room, we’ve been encouraging our guest to expand their wine horizons and experiment with chilled red wine this summer!
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Our Winemaker Abroad Returns

Katie Kujak, Villa Bellezza’s assistant winemaker, has returned from her 3-month adventure working the harvest season in Chile. We asked her to share about her trip to the Cachapoal Valley region and her work at the Santa Carolina Winery, one of the oldest wineries in Chile. From wine production, to how she coped with the language barrier, we’re excited to share about her adventure (and some photos from her trip).
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Wednesday is Pizza Day!

On Wednesday guests will enjoy 20% off a pizza of their choice with the purchase of a bottle of wine or Italian soda. Make it a meal by adding a salad to your order (also at 20% off).
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Celebrating the Opening of the Piazza!

Come celebrate with us Friday, April 13 through Sunday, April 15 as we officially open our Piazza to guests for the season.
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Springtime Is Pruning Time

Removing large parts of a grape vine might seem counter-intuitive to producing large yields of quality grapes. See our pruning machine in action.
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Adventures of Our Traveling Winemaker

Katie's adventures in the Cachapoal Valley of Chile continue as she took in her first local Fiesta de la Vendimia, or Wine Harvest Festival.
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Villa Wines Win BIG Again

We are pleased to announce another BIG win for Villa Bellezza wines. In the prestigious Monterey International Wine Competition, seven Villa Bellezza wines earned medals --  three wines bringing home gold, and 4 bringing home silver.
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Katie Heads to Chile

Katie Kujak, assistant winemaker at Villa Bellezza, left last month to participate in the harvest and winemaking at Santa Caroline Winery in Chile  Because Chile is in the Southern hemisphere, their grape harvest is the opposite of ours.  This allows Katie to get experience with two harvests and two winemaking seasons per year.
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Introducing Chef Antonio Cecconi

If you’ve visited our new country Italian restaurant, Il Forno, then you will surely recognize Chef Antonio. Well-known as “The Italian Gourmet”, he brings four decades of authentic Italian cooking experience to Villa Bellezza.
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Villa Bellezza Wines Win BIG at the Winemaker Challenge International Wine Competition

While it was the Napa region that dominated the competition, our showing caught the attention of the competition judges, earning 10 awards of silver or better, four of those gold and three platinum.
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