Wine is enhanced by food. We provide food experiences in our Country Italian restaurant, Il Forno, in cooking classes, and food for take-out. We use wine in the preparation of many of our menu items. We have wines that are well suited to each of our foods.

Villa Bellezza Food

Il Forno

We serve antipasti, salads, panini, and pizza from our Pronto Menu. Like our pizza, our pasta dishes are baked providing distinctive presentation, texture, aromas and flavors.

Villa Bellezza Winery Aerial View

La Piazza Bellezza

Our tasting room, Il Forno Ristorante, and our event center create the piazza of a small Italian town. It is a great place to watch people while enjoying our wines and food.

Cooking School

The Chef & The School

La Scuola is a participation cooking school taught by our chef Antonio Cecconi. It’s an experience of tasting wine, making food, and eating what you’ve made.