Il Forno is Villa Bellezza’s Country Italian restaurant. It is an authentic trattoria that serves food inspired by Italy accompanied by Villa Bellezza’s wines—the Vino della Casa. In addition to dining at our restaurant, we provide take-out food and wine for off-premise consumption.

Villa Bellezza Pizza Oven

The Oven

A brick oven is the center of a country Italian restaurant. Ours is built of limestone and is more than 8 feet across with a hearth of 5 feet. We fire the oven with oak logs and grape vine prunings which adds some fruity smoke to our pizzas.

A brick oven is the center of a country Italian restaurant. Ours is built of limestone and is more than 8 feet across with a hearth of 5 feet. We fire the oven with oak logs and grape vine prunings which adds some fruity smoke to our pizzas.

Villa Bellezza Pizza

The Pizza

Il Forno features pizzas baked in our brick oven. Our crusts are made from Chef Antonio’s recipe. To get the pizza we want, our crusts are baked twice—pizza biscotta. The result is a crisp pizza with the smokiness that comes from the wood. Our pizzas include vegetarian, as well as, meat pizzas. We also provide gluten-free crusts.

Join us for Pizza Thursday and enjoy 25% off our brick oven pizzas! Available for dine in or takeout.

Villa Bellezza Food

Pasta al Forno

Baked pasta is the ultimate comfort food. Whether using a white or red sauce, baked pasta develops flavors that are deeper, bolder and more satisfying than regular boiled noodles. The cooking time allows all the ingredients to blend and release their aromas, fusing together and thickening.

We offer daily specials using our wood-burning ‘forno’ and serving up piping hot, golden brown pasta, the perfect accompaniment to our great wines.

il Forno Food Selection

The Food

We serve antipasti, salads, panini, and pizza from our Pronto Menu. Like our pizza, our pasta dishes are baked providing distinctive presentation, texture, aromas and flavors.

Our pasta offerings change daily but always include penne al forno. By baking in our brick oven, al forno, flavors are enriched enhancing your experience.

Italian Food & Wine in Pepin WI

The Wine & Food

Our servers will help you select a glass or bottle of wine that suits you and goes well with your food. We strive for balance and integration both our food and wine. Balanced food and wine most often go well together.

Our wines are also available for sale by the bottle and the case from Il Forno. Our staff will gladly box up wine for you to take home.

Villa Bellezza Winery Aerial View

La Piazza Bellezza

Our tasting room, Il Forno Ristorante, and our event center create the piazza of a small Italian town. It is a great place to watch people while enjoying our wines and food. We have summer al fresco dining that lasts into the evening under café lights above. In winter, our al fresco dining is under our heated porticos with chairs covered in furs to help stay warm.

Villa Bellezza Piazza

Al Fresco Dining

The Piazza Bellezza is ideal for dining outdoors—year round. The Piazza has tables in both the sun and the shade. The porticos that border the piazza have heaters to keep you warmer on cold days. In winter we cover our chairs with furs to keep that part of your body warm. Customers order at the blue counters and we deliver food to your table.

In addition, the smaller Piazzale Il Forno located between the restaurant and the chef’s garden provides more seating on our busiest days.

Cooking School

The Chef & The School

La Scuola is a participation cooking school taught by our chef Antonio Cecconi. It’s an experience of tasting wine, making food, and eating what you’ve made. Classes are conducted in the Sala del Vino in colder months and outside in the warmer months with the Sala del Vino as a backup.

Outdoor Wedding Venue

Private Dinners

We offer private dinners that range from dinner for two in the Torre dei Sognatori (the tower) to one hundred in our pavilion. Private dinners require reservations.

Dessert at Villa Bellezza Winery

Sunday Brunch

COVID-19: We have suspended Sunday brunch until the COVID-19 pandemic subsides.

Our Sunday brunch features pizza, pasta, salad, egg bake, meats, breads, and desserts. These are accompanied by mimosas, bellinis and Villa Bellezza wines.

Il Forno - Country Italian Food

Take Out

Our menu items are all available for take out. If you call ahead, we will have your food ready when you arrive. Wine is also available for take out.

Il Forno Ristorante Dinner

Pronto Menu

Pronto as in fresh! This menu is available all week long. It has a casual assortment of pizza, sandwiches and salads. In addition, we always include a signature pasta of the day, Baked “Al Forno” style, cooked in our brick oven. Whether you’re enjoying the casual piazza setting or here for an important meal, it’s always ready for you.