While the harvest is behind us, in the winery our focus turns to barrel work. Our winemakers are busy moving this year’s red wine into oak barrels to begin their aging process as they become reserves. We are also evaluating past vintages closely to determine the best time for bottling.

For aging our reserves, we constructed a new, specialized red wine facility, Vin che Dorme, where the wine can peacefully sleep until it is ready to be bottled and released. The space is comprised of thick, concrete walls to create a stable environment for the wine with temperature and humidity control. We use French Oak barrels, at different toasting levels, to create structure and complexity in our Reserves. Our new red wine building reflects our commitment to making world-class red wine.

It is always exciting to move wine from barrel to bottle. However, when it comes to a reserve, it’s thrilling to know that after such a long wait–three years in the making–the wine will soon be ready to release to our customers. We are preparing to bottle Frontenac Reserve ’17 any day, and hope to release it to the tasting room soon!