Festive… sparkly… It’s time to celebrate!

After many months of being sold out our newest release of Brillante Rosa is available once again!

Brillante Rosa is a pink sparkling wine made from a blend of St. Pepin, Petite Pearl, and Swenson Red grapes. Made by the Charmat method, Charmat means “closed tank” in French–this method of producing sparkling wine is often referred to as the Italian method. Pressurized stainless steel tanks are used in the fermentation process to create the bubbles characteristic of sparkling wine. Refrigeration is used to control temperature and ensure the best quality end-product.

There is something magical about a glass of sparkling wine! The bubbles have a special way of creating moments of laughter and celebration. Brillante Rosa was made for these moments.

Bring a festive flair to your bunch or happy hour. Brillante Rosa pairs well with most food and is particularly enjoyed as an aperitif. You will want to have a bottle on hand to toast your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day!

Brillante Rosa is available in our Pepin tasting room, or purchase online–we ship to many states.