The harvest is on the horizon and the team at Villa Bellezza is anticipating a Big Crush!

La Vendemmia (The Harvest) is on the horizon and the team at Villa Bellezza is anticipating a Big Crush! The 2021 growing season started with a gentle, warm spring with treats of frost that did not amount to any damage. This summer provided lots of heat with little rainfall. The drought-like conditions challenged the vines to dig for water but discouraged disease pressure.

Villa Bellezza is excited to harvest the first crop from many of our vines which were planted in 2017 and 2018. Stunted by extreme winters, it took extra effort to recover many vines and train them back to health. We are thrilled to see the amount of fruit hanging in the vineyard.

Our estate-grown crop productions will continue to increase each year. As the young vines continue to mature, they will be able to support more fruit. Additionally, Villa Bellezza established its fourth vineyard site this year- planting 5,000 vines of Marquette. The expansion of our vineyard operations reflects our commitment to growing high-quality fruit to produce award-winning wines.

Our team is eager for the start of harvest. Until then, there is plenty to be done in preparation. Our winemakers will begin to test the grapes daily and carefully time the picking schedules to catch the fruit at their peak ripeness.

Yes, harvest and crush will soon begin. If you visit Villa Bellezza in the upcoming weeks, watch for the activity taking place in the vineyards and on our crush pad.